Ideally once you arrive at Nova Gaia you will stay here for the entire gathering. Hot Springs is a small town that will  be filled with constant traffic from the influx of people. There is a regular grocery store about 5 miles from Nova Gaia that carries minimal organic/gf/specialty foods which is true of all stores here. Plan to bring everything you may need.

Carly is doing an enormous amount of work on the house and her main goal is to have the kitchen and indoor space finished before April, as well as an outdoor shower space. It will be a group experience in a 2000 sf house, plan on being as self-reliant as you can.

Travel: Ideally you can drive here. If you need to fly, it is expected that traffic will be extremely clogged to the airport in Little Rock. There is a small airport in Hot Springs. We can arrange for one group pickup to Little Rock if necessary. It will help if you register quickly so that we can plan it if that is something you will need. If you can’t find tickets to Little Rock you may want to look in Memphis or Shreveport or even Dallas.

Food:  Best if we plan this together. Main possibility: everyone brings food to cook one to two meals for everyone. This is why you need to reserve your space by March 10th, so these details can be worked out and prepared for. Another possibility is that a grocery list is made which Carly can purchase before the event.

Cooking: There will be an inside kitchen and an outside kitchen. Normal kitchen indoors, outside will be 2 gas burners, grill and tables. I hope to get a second refrigerator by the Event, but don’t have it yet, if you can please bring your own coolers, etc.

Camping: Plenty of flat space down the hill from the house closer to the road. Also space up by the house. RVs are welcome, there are no electric or water hookups.

Parking: Lots of space down by the road. I may ask a neighbor if we can also park there.

Toilets: All local port-a-potties  have been rented since over a year ago. There are two toilets in the house, which is where solid waste will go. There will be one or two camping or composting toilets elsewhere for urinating only.

Showers: The septic system would not be able to handle so many showers, so all showering will be outside. There will be an enclosed space with hot water.

Communal Space: For inside activations there is a large front room that is 20×30 in the house. The house has 1100 square feet of deck as well. Outside activations will mostly be near the house in an area presided over by 3 trees.

The Eclipse: Begins on April 8th at 12:32 pm, Totality will be for around 3 min 53 sec at 1:51pm, eclipse finishes at 3:10pm