• Do I have to lead an activation?

Yes, this is a co-created event and participation as a leader is a requirement for all attendees.

  • What should the activation I lead include?

If you don’t already know then perhaps you can discuss this with your guides or higher self.  If you have a modality you already practice you may want to include that, or if you have eclipse specific ideas that is great too.  Perhaps your plan will develop spontaneously as you participate in other activations. Whatever you decide, simply bring any materials you will need and know that if you lead with love, trust and a focus on harmonious connection it will all come together perfectly.

  • Do I have to do all of the activations?

It is not necessary that you do all of them, but please do plan on doing most. Your energy will fluctuate as is normal, there is no need to push yourself if you need rest, but the goal is for us to amplify loving energy as a group and your presence at the activations will do just that.

  • I feel called to attend but live so far away that I can’t possibly assemble camping stuff or an rv, what should I do?

There will be space in the house for people to stay and sleep. This will all be worked out as people sign up and we can get a sense of how many people there will be and what the travel situations are.

  • How many people will there be, what is the schedule?

There will be a maximum of 22 co-creators. There will be a loose schedule with 2-3 activations each day scheduled in between meals.

  • What will we eat?

This will be decided by the group a few weeks to a month before the event.  Ideally breakfasts will be self-serve from a range of simple possibilities and lunches and dinners are together. A possibility is that each attendee buys and prepares one meal for the group over the course of the week. That food could be brought, or a grocery list could be assembled to be purchased before heavy traffic happens. Attendees could also manage all of their own food if there is enough coolers and cooking supplies so everyone is not trying to use the one kitchen all at once. There will be a survey and a vote in regards to this as the time draws nearer.

  • What is the fee?

There is no fee, though donations will be totally welcome. The 111 to reserve your space will cover some of the expenses of preparation.

  • What will the weather be like?

April is a beautiful time in Hot Springs. Days are usually in the mid 70’s and nights are in the 50’s. It’s spring, so of course there is rain, thunderstorms and unpredictability.

  • What is the bug situation?

Nova Gaia has a very healthy and balanced eco-system, so there are bugs, but not too many. There aren’t normally very many mosquitoes, especially not in April. Ticks are around and will be active in April, but there is not nearly as big of a threat of disease in Arkansas as up north. Ticks cannot spread disease without being attached for over 24 hours. There will be a tick check station with mirrors and bright lights and each attendee will be encouraged to check for ticks every day. There will also be plenty of effective EO tick repellent.

  • Can I bring psychoactive substances or alcohol?

Ideally our focus will be upon the energy that we are creating together and substances are superfluous to this. If you have light use of cannabis or alcohol that is your business, but please plan to avoid heavy use of any substance.

  • Can I bring my dog/cat/kid/friend/significant other?

The short answer is no. Our goal is to create an environment focused on activating and radiating loving energy as a dedicated and harmonious group. The land of Nova Gaia is maintained to welcome wild animals and interrealm communication, and the presence of dogs and cats tends to discourage this.

As for people, if you kid/friend/significant other would attend the Eclipse Activation on their own and have the desire and motivation to lead an activation and attend most of the others, then, yes, bring them. If they would attend because it is something that you are interested in or want to do, then please plan a different trip with them and leave them at home for this one.