Nova Gaia

Some places have a delightful and mystical resonance that cannot be described nor replicated

Nova Gaia is one of those places

You know it the minute you turn onto Hidden Valley Road: this place is special. The land radiates vitality, the trees are talking, the water is burbling a precious song. You can feel the eyes of the fairies looking to see if you are ready to play. The birds knew you were coming long ago.

Nova Gaia is four treed acres with a stone house on a hill away from the road, living water, and plenty of room for private and communal space. It is on a private road in a quiet area about 20 minutes from Hot Springs.

Nova Gaia means ‘New Earth’ in Greek, but it also has other meanings. The land at Nova Gaia sits upon a large vein of Novaculite, and large boulders of it are strewn throughout the four acres. Novaculite (also called Arkansas stone) is a form of cryptocrystalline quartz and found only in the Ouachita region of the Ozarks. It is world renowned for being the best stone for sharpening edges, in latin ‘novacula’ translates to razor. Energetically Novaculite is used for cutting cords to all blockages and polishing the clarity of new perspectives. Nova is also a name for a suddenly bright star, thus Nova Gaia can also be translated as a new bright light radiating from our planet.

The purpose of this place is play in peace; for the elementals, the crystalline network, the water nymphs and fairyfolk, the star families and other loving inter-dimensional beings to connect with humans and expand awareness as we learn new ways to co-create each moment together.